General Manager’s Message

We Believe

Sigona Golf Club exists as an association of people. Members, customers employees, suppliers and guests must be recognized and respected for their individual contributions, interests and importance. We will always give full attention to building prosperous relationships and valued experiences. Sigona will continually build on integrity, cooperation and fairness with all involved to achieve long term success.

Our Keys to Success

Deliver “simply the best” in golf, dining, swimming and social dynamics.

Create a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in being a part of the Sigona family.

Invest in the golf course to maintain its playability and beauty. Sigona will insure that it reflects a test for players of all skill levels.

Embrace continuous improvement. Constantly review our mission and keys to success. Investigate market conditions. Commit resources to enhance those products and services necessary to insure the long term success of the Sigona Golf Club.

Provide sound financial planning.

Seek sustained membership through moderate and steady growth in annual memberships.

Create open communication channels that encourages candor and open feedback. All stakeholders must have a mechanism to participate.

Be active in the community. The club and its membership will reach out to the public in positive ways that builds the value of Sigona.

To know and apply the rules and etiquette of golf is the duty of every golfing member. 

Our Management objective

  • Ensure that our golf course maintains topflight conditionsand a prestigious standing;
  • Explore ways to broaden, and deepen,the involvement of our members;
  • Consistently exceed the dining expectations ofour members and guests;
  • Invest our resources responsibly, considering the relative valuethey bring our members;
  • Provide a positive work environment with trainingand career opportunities for our staff and employees;
  • Focus on making positive contributions to our community,and to environmental sustainability.
  • Provide a full service country club Golf experience
  • Maintain and operate the club within the approved operating budget,
  • capital expense and reserve fund plans.
  • Ensure that the quality of service provided is regularly maintained while being cost-conscious and protecting the club’s assets.

This objective will be accomplished by:

  • Presenting our golf course to a consistently high standard and maintaining its natural characteristics,
  • Retaining our identity as a true country golf club, welcoming those who share our core values of a challenging course with playing conditions that are not congested and having modest facilities,
  • Making our club enjoyable, accessible and affordable for our members, their families and guests.
  • Having a friendly, courteous, responsive and well trained support team that internalizes our mission and core values to materialize them  in execution of our procedures and in all of our business activities, turning them into self conscious acts of each of us.
  • Events, services and programs that cater to Members, Guests and Family
  • Well maintained grounds and facilities which emphasize the beauty of the course and property

We pride ourselves for offering unmatched Fine dining experience supported by:

  • World class Chef delivering unique dishes and signature favorites
  • Quality facilities and amazing views
  • Exemplary service and staff

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