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The Sigona Golf Club members proudly acknowledge our course's fine reputation for having some of the most beautiful fairways in Kenya.

The golf course is indeed blessed with its serene location. Sitting very near the Rift Valley at an altitude of 6,600 feet, our Course receives more than average amounts of Rainfall and gathers plentiful amounts of moisture from early morning dew.

The Kikuyu grass, which makes up the fairways thrives in these conditions and keeps the Course looking lush ad verdant year round.

It also makes the fairways extremely negotiable. Flowering trees and bushes dot the fairways and surround the trees ad greens making it a very picturesque course.

Sigona Golf Club is one course, which will test your golf skills along with your physical conditioning.

The beautiful 18th hole, which sits in front of the clubhouse, gives the player an idea of what is in store for him. All the greens are as consistent and well maintained as this one.

The men play the course to a par of 72, covering 6,892 yards while the ladies' par is 74 and covers 5,853 yards. The first hole is a 349- yard par four for men ad 329- yard par 4 for ladies.

The second hole is a 394- yard par four for men and a 326- yard par four for ladies. After putting out a number one's hole you follow a path leading down hill to a tee, which has been cut out of the side of the hill. It appears to just hung there. The land drops off sharply at the end of the ladies tee and then begins an up hill rise to the green.

The toughest hole in this course is hole number 7. While the hole measures 465 yards for men and is played to a par 4, the ladies play it to 443 yards as a par five. The terrain is such that reaching he green in two, for the men to have a chance at par, is a monumental task. The tee is one of the very few at ground level. Heavy rough extends out in front of the tee far about 75 yards. The hole is very sharp

(perhaps 90) dogleg left. While standing on the tee, your first thought will be to cut the dogleg by flying the trees. Infact, the fairway slopes dramatically from right to left at the point. It is no win situation because, should your shot clear the trees, the ball will roll back down the slope into them anyway! The safest and most prudent tee shot is straight ahead to the sloping fairway. Once there you will have a clear view of the green, which is tucked into the hillside on the right with a bunker guarding the left side. It is good to note that the hole number seven was once a par five for men as well as ladies and while remaining very long, was reduced to par four for the ladies.

The ninth hole is a 542- yard par five for the men and a 426- yard par 5 for the ladies. The tee is slightly elevated and the hole gives the impression of being level. While the tee shot is to a fairly wide fairway, the second shot is downhill. The third shot will most likely be pitch to the medium sized green. There are two greenside bunkers, one to each side. The trap on the right is in the shape of an hour glass ad extends from right front of the green to the rear. The `trap on the left is deep and sports a high lip. The putting surface is tricky in that the green slopes from the rear to the front. Par is attainable, but you will have to work for it.

The next feat to be undertaken is the climb to the tenth tee. A precipice separates the low-lying course from the uphill clubhouse. The climb to the clubhouse, for refreshments between the rounds proved taxing enough that the membership instituted a refreshments pavilion just near the tenth tee now known as Nanak hut. It sits about half way up the escarpment and has beautiful views of what you have accomplished as well as what awaits you on the second nine.

The tenth hole is a 591- yard par five which runs parallel to the fairway of the ninth. The fairway runs well below your position and arises to a crest before turning slightly to the right. If you have not yet become accustomed to the increased yardage gained at altitude, you will be amazed at your tee shot from here. Your tee shot should reach the crest of this fairway and you will have a clear of the green if the ball is kept to the left. Both sides of the fairway are lined with trees, but there is plenty of room for landing your second shot within striking distance of the green. Protected by two greenside bunkers on either side, the green is of medium size and very puttable. Go for the birdie on this hole!

The 18th hole is fairly level once you reach the tee. Number eighteenth hole is 383-yard par four for the men and a 347- yard par for the ladies.

Sigona golf club provides a tough but very pleasant eighteen holes of golf. You will find that the doglegs require carefully thought-out shots, and chances are, you will have the opportunity to use every club in your bag during a round here.

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