Chairman's Message

Dear Sigonians,

May I take this opportunity to thank all Club members for the support given so far to the Board of directors as we seek to continuously implement our core objectives during the year as summarized below.

Course & Match:

  • Maintain the course to the highest standards so that members can enjoy playing golf at Sigona.
  • Have proper maintenance and course machinery and ensure that the operators are properly trained to handle them.Also avoid misuse especially the utility vehicle and the buggy.
  • Ensure that there are competitions on Saturdays and Club nites.Corporate competitions on Fridays are also welcome.

Bar & Catering:

  • Ensure that Sigona continues to lead in bar & catering services at reasonable prices and profit margins at the budgeted levels.
  • Rehabilitate the men’s changing room by ensuring that there is enough hot water.The solar panels need to be repositioned and connected to the system to reduce power costs.
  • So far the men’s changing room water system has been upgraded and improvements noted in terms of water pressure as well as being hot enough.
  • To implement the long term project when approved by the members.
  • The Board has taken early steps in implementation of the accommodation suites project after approval by members in April 29th. I sincerely thank members for approving this project and the Board will strive to see to it that it’s implemented successfully and efficiently.
  • Club House refurbishment.
  • Steps are underway to implement the club house refurbishment which we target to complete within the year.

Staff & Members:

  • Recruit and retain competent staff to run the Club.A lean well paid and motivated workforce is preferred.
  • Ensure continuous training to take advantage of the contributions to the training levy.
  • Recruit quality members and achieve our budgeted figures.

Finance & Procurement:

  • Ensure that the Clubs finances are healthy at all times.
  • Protect assets and cash and ensure that the Club gets value for money by streamlining procurement procedures.
  • Maintaining proper books of account that satisfy both local and international standards.
  • Ensure that the Club operations are within budget as approved by the members.


Raise enough funds to enable the Club to meet the ongoing and new programs. A CSR fundraiser was held on 23/5/15 of which a total of 1.08 Million was raised and more support from members for this noble cause is welcome.

To hold two (2) medical camps or a big one in 2015. To this end the club held a successful medical camp on 26thMay 2015 of which over 760 members from the local community were attended to .

Thank you once again for your continuous support.

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