Sigona is an exclusive gated community club. Our membership includes a diverse mix of Local Sigonians, expatriates and Europeans. With such a wide variety events, catering to all walks of life, Sigona attracts families with children,couples as well as singles.

The avid and enthusiastic golfer will love playing the challenging course and if keen to keen to improve his/her game our golf professional will be more than happy to assist.

The holiday Juniors golf program is aimed at encouraging, developing, young golf talents and provides a great platform for which the young golfers can improve and develop their game.

Application Procedure

Sigona Golf Club has an elaborate application and vetting process that ensures new applicant is of good standing and integrity. The applicants are interviewed by the Membership, Secretarial and Disciplinary Sub committee who undergo the following steps.

Step 1:

Membership application forms is requested in writing by the proposer of the applicant. The proposer must be a voting member who has been a Club member for more than two years.

Step 2:

The Club Management replies in writing to the proposer attaching the application form and requesting for the following:

  • Cheque for the requisite amount depending on the category desired.
  • Fully filled application form.
  • One page Curriculum Vitae, to be pinned on the notice board.
  • Passport size photograph.

Step 3:

The Form and the CV are pinned on the notice board for 30 days for general membership comments. Meanwhile the Management allows the new applicant to use the Club facilities as a temporary member.

The new applicant prepays for his temporary membership account before any service is provided.

Step 4:

The applicant is invited for an interview by the Membership, Secretarial & Disciplinary Sub Committee after which, if found to be suitable, a balloting card is sent to him through his proposer to obtain at least ten (10) Directors’ signatures, of which the first should be that of Hon. Secretary. Obtaining the Signatures should take a maximum of 30 days.

Step 5:

After returning the card the applicant’s name is presented to the Board for approval, after which the applicant is issued with a permanent Account Number and membership card.

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