Membership Types

A Single Full Member

A Single Full Member is a person who has attained the age of Eighteen (18) years and who has been elected as such and who has paid the appropriate Entrance Fee and current Membership Subscription for golf playing or non-golf playing Member.

Joint Full Member

Joint Full Member are husband or wife and nominated spouse who have both attained the age of Eighteen (18) years and who have been elected as such and who have paid the appropriate Entrance Fee and the current Membership Subscription for golf playing Members or non-golf playing members. Joint Members are to be treated as individual Members in their own respective right including the right for each to vote.

A Life Member

A Life Member is any Ordinary or Joint Member who has maintained his or her Membership continuously for a period of Twenty-Five (25) years and attained the age of Sixty (60) years, automatically qualifies to become a Life Member and thereafter shall not be required to pay the annual subscription and any levies.

A Junior Member

A Junior Member is a child of either Full Single or Joint Full Members Children (10 to 21 years of age) of Non-members may be admitted as Junior members provided they satisfy all the requirements laid down for such membership including the payment of entrance fees as prescribed from time to time and the provision of appropriate financial and behavioral guarantees to cover any debts owed by them to the Club by appointing a guardian who should be a member of the Club at the time when the membership is operational.; and who has been nominated by one or both of those Members provided that on converting to Ordinary or Joint membership the difference between the prevailing entrance fees for these classes of membership respectively and the entrance fee paid at the time of joining as stated above would be paid.

A Student Member

A Student Member is previously been a Junior Member; and is elected as such by the Balloting Committee; and is over Twenty-One (21) years of age and under Twenty-five (25) years of age; and is still receiving full time education and furnishes satisfactory evidence to that effect; and who pays Twenty Five per cent (25%) of the Annual Subscription payable by a Single Full Member; and “Junior and/or student Member should pay discounted entrance fees payable on conversion to full membership as follows:

  • Over five years junior/student membership 25% of full membership fee
  • Up to four years junior/student membership 50% of full membership fee
  • Up to three years junior/student membership 75% of full membership fee
  • Lower than three years junior/student membership 100% of full membership fee.

A Country Member

A Country Member is a Member who neither resides nor has any daily occupation or business within a radius of One Hundred (100) kilometers of the Club and who has paid the appropriate Entrance Fee and current Subscription applicable to Single or Joint Full Membership and is elected as such.

A Temporary Member

A Temporary Member may be any person eligible as Member of the Club who has been proposed and seconded by One (1) Voting Members and approved by One Member of the Balloting Committee for Temporary Membership on such form as may be prescribed by the Committee from time to time and who has paid appropriate current fees for Temporary Membership. Such Membership is only valid for a period not exceeding Three (3) months in any One (1) calendar year. This may be extended for a further three (3) months subject to approval of the whole of the Balloting Committee.

An Absentee Member

An Absentee Member is a non-voting Member who is absent from Kenya for twelve (12) consecutive months or more and who has prior to conversion from particular membership category to absentee, paid a predefined conversion fee as prescribed by the Board from time to time. Absentee members who visit the club will pay for the services provided by the club in cash. If they wish to use the golf course they would be required to either pay the applicable green fees or pay the quarterly subscription for every quarter that they wish to play before leaving for their overseas residence. Should the absentee wish to revert back to a full member, he will apply in writing to the Club Secretary for his/her account to be regularized after paying the prevailing deposits. A junior/student Member can be converted to absentee member upon paying the conversion fee determined by the Board from time to time. Provided upon attaining the age of 25 years her/she converts to full membership whether in the country or not. Failure to convert to full membership will result to full payment of membership Entrance fee at the time of the application.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership shall be companies or corporate bodies who have paid a non-refundable Corporate Entrance Fee for their specified number of employees. The minimum number of entrants for this class of membership will be four (4) whose entrance fee will be one-off payment by the company/corporate as prescribed by the Committee from time to time. The company will also pay annual individual subscription and levies as prescribed by the Committee from time to time.

  • Should a corporate member wish to apply for a joint category, there will be an increment of 20% on both entrance and annual subs for any of the four or more who would like to join this category.
  • The period and the maximum number of joining members for this membership category from any organization will not be limited subject to payment of appropriate entrance fee.

Non-Playing Members

Non-Playing Members shall be members entitled to use the facilities of the Clubhouse of any of the clubhouses of the Company but not entitled to the use of the Golf Course or Golf Courses or other premises or facilities of the Club except upon payment of such green fees or other charges that may be imposed by the directors from time to time.

Reciprocating Member

Reciprocating Member is a Member of any club or clubs, company or companies with whom the Club shall have entered into an agreement or agreements for the provision for reciprocal facilities.

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